NJ Electrical Contractor

Scholes Electric and Communications has a history that stretches back decades of being able to handle complex and sensitive jobs that others cannot complete. Our highly-skilled technicians are able to complete any size project in any type of environment, including sensitive medical wiring projects in facilities that are operating 24-hours a day, and seven days a week.

Our vast experience includes everything from preventative maintenance to full high-tech wiring projects. We have years of experience helping customers with services such as:

  • Commercial
  • Medium/High Voltage
  • Communications
  • Renewable Energy
  • 24/7 Maintenance
  • Low Voltage Systems
  • Value Engineering
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) / Prefab
  • Design Build

Flexibility To Meet Your Needs

We are the kind of contractor that understands that sometimes difficult things need to be done on tight schedules. We also understand that not everyone has the same budget for the projects that need to be done. We work with every client on their specific needs and create solutions that fit into every situation.

Scholes Electric and Communications can be with you every step of the way. Our professional team of technicians, design experts, and supervisors can help to design, install, and maintain your infrastructure. We can install a brand new system for you to use, or we can upgrade what you have. If you currently have a system in place, then we can do regular maintenance on it to make sure it is always operational when you need it.

When you have a project that requires a professional touch or you have a situation that other contractors simply cannot handle, then give us a call. We are experienced in performing or executing any type of electrical or communications project, and we will make sure that everything is done up to code. When the project is done, we will work on a maintenance schedule with you that will keep your system supporting your operations for many years to come.

Our Specialties

Electrical Construction

From the data center that needs a constant flow of power to avoid losing data to the hospital that relies on its uninterrupted power to save lives, we have helped to install power lines and grids in areas where other companies could not.

Medium/High Voltage

Our team is highly trained and experienced in keeping safe working clearances, proper grounding and implementing OSHA safety standards. We maintain our equipment to comply with all safety standards.


Scholes realizes that the decisions concerning a building’s communication system is a complex issue and will have a strategic & financial impact for many years to come.

24/7 Maintenance

We work closely with our clients, many of which have facilities that operate 24/7, to ensure that maintenance and facility alterations are done safely without interruption to service.

At Scholes we utilize a hybrid modular approach to prefab. Each job is evaluated for prefab feasibility based on factors such as available space, schedule, volume, job access, BIM modeling, and robotic layout. We utilize an 8,000sq ft facility located at our offices in Piscataway, NJ as our main prefab area. On larger projects with available space, we have set up an onsite prefab shop. The elements we target most for prefab are in wall assemblies, hangers, conduit bends, computer floor whips, junction boxes, and cable tray.

Scholes embraces BIM technology to deliver a quality and efficient product for our customers. In house we are 100% digital document management for projects utilizing Autodesk’s ACC platform. All our BIM Models are tradesmen who utilize their field experience to effectively design all aspects of electrical and communication systems. We are proficient in Revit, eVolve, AutoCad MEP, Navisworks, ACC, BIM 360 Glue, Plangrid, Procore, Revizto, And BIM Track platforms. Utilizing our modeling efforts to facilitate robotic station layout and prefabrication is a priority when approaching or designing. Our software produces BOM, cut sheets, spooling, prefab assemblies counts, conduit bend schedules, and layout points to be utilized with our layout station. We have effectively used this system to layout both underground and overhead conduit, cable tray, lighting, floor penetrations, hangers, Inserts, equipment, panels, and switchgear. Our company standard is LOD 400, but we can produce LOD 500 when required.