Top-Notch Around The Clock Care.

Having a state-of-the-art electrical and communications network is great, but it can become a problem if you do not have experts doing your preventative and routine maintenance. Scholes Electric and Communications is the ongoing maintenance provider to many corporations. We work closely with our clients, many of which have facilities that operate 24/7, to ensure that maintenance and facility alterations are done safely without interruption to service.

What We Do

We review a plan with the engineer/owner in advance of any maintenance operation. A method of procedure for each step of work that will be taking place the day of the scheduled work will be deciphered and approved prior to the actual date.

Working 24/7

For our clients that operate 24/7, we do extensive planning to make sure any upgrade or repair projects are done with no disruption to company business. This includes installing new equipment, relocating electrical and communications systems, and replacing any damaged or old equipment.

Critical Services

Along with our critical planning services, we also offer emergency repair and replacement services. We will be to a customer’s location as quickly as possible to help get their systems back online. Then we work with the customer to identify the cause of the problem to prevent it from happening again.

Scholes Electric and Communications has decades of experience in offering custom preventative maintenance contracts for our clients. We will help any organization that wants the very best in ongoing maintenance services to get the custom protection they need for their critical electrical and communications systems.

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